We’ve only just begun…

Six years ago today, I married my favorite person in the whole wide world! Pretty much the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m pretty sure that makes me the luckiest girl alive. Over the last month or so, I have compiled a list of things that I have learned throughout our last six years of wedded bliss. Enjoy!

  • Fighting is healthy (to a point)
  • Not everything can be sunshine and sparkles, contrary to popular belief. Us girls always have a totally skewed perception of what “happily ever after” should be.

  • Don’t try to out-argue a stubborn man, he can always get louder than you, so just stop
  • It’s like the sound of my voice during an argument is the worst sound he’s ever heard in his life! I’ve decided it’s just smarter to resort to giving him the “silent treatment” until things have cooled off.

  • The most precious advice my mother in-law ever gave me? “Fake it til you make it.”
  • It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but it certainly is a life saver! Words of wisdom, especially when you get into a little tiff right before you’re expecting company, or you’ve annoyed the living crap out of each other on a long car ride.

  • Remember that the romance is in the little things.
  • Like the bag of juicy pear Jelly Bellies he picked up because he knows they’re your favorite. He may not buy you cards and flowers all the time, like he did when you were dating, but he still knows how to make you smile.

  • When he comes home from work, and you ask how his day was, always accept “fine” as a reasonable answer.
  • You’re too sensitive to hear what he really has to say, and the manner in which he chooses to say it. He’s not mad at you, but it might sound like it for a little while.

  • Subtle hints rarely work. If you want something from him, just be blunt.
  • He’s not a mind reader, even if he does have crazy moments of clarity.

  • He can have “girlfriends”
  • That’s exactly what they are… Beautiful women, who he may attempt to flirt with, in that awkward way that he does, and that’s about it. They’re all blonde and skinny, but you’re not. You know what he really likes in a woman, because he tells you every day, just how beautiful and perfect he thinks you are. He brags to his work friends, and they, in turn, think he has the coolest wife ever! *win win*

  • He needs his video games like you need your girlfriends, margaritas, and karaoke.
  • Maybe even a little more than that.

  • The language you speak when you’re together will get progressively more strange, but that’s ok, because you both understand it.
  • Some of these weird things are cute and adorable, and others are just plain weird. But that’s why you married each other, right?

  • He will do just about anything for you, especially if you promise sexy time.
  • Sounds terrible, but seriously, think about it. Back rubs, foot rubs, chick flicks, hair cuts… You can coax him into pretty much everything that he really doesn’t enjoy, anytime you want.

  • Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • It helps that I married one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met, but he can make me laugh even when we’re fighting.

  • “You can’t fake true love and the kind of happiness that it brings.”
  • My sweet husband said this to me in the car after we got some strange looks from the gal at Starbucks. We were having a straw fight while we waited for our coffee…

  • We’ve *still* only just begun.
  • Our wedding song was “We’ve Only Just Begun” by Andy Williams. It was fantastic, and is just as true today as it was then. Six years sounds and feels like a long time, but not in comparison to forever. We definitely have a lot more to learn, and many more adventures ahead of us. “Until death do us part…”

    “We’ve Only Just Begun” by Andy Williams

    Photo Courtesy of:

    Jennifer Marinelli Photography


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