Renewed hope and determination

My husband’s best friend and his wife of 10 years recently announced that they are expecting their first child. When I first found out, I had mixed feelings, considering our struggles over the last few years. Now that they have gone public and we’ve gotten to see them, (they live out of state) I feel overwhelmed with joy, and I have a new sense of hope for our own pregnancy adventures.

I started thinking about all of the health issues that she had, prior to conceiving, and all of the conversations we have had in the past about whether or not she would even be able to conceive. Knowing that even after all of that, they finally were able to conceive naturally, really gave me a positive outlook.

I also recently learned that a dear friend from high school is having some of the same issues that we are. It has been comforting to learn that I’m not the only person I know who can’t seem to get knocked up. I think this friend’s journey had been a slight more intense than mine,with hormone therapy and other fertility treatments, but we have been trying for about the same amount of time. After a few chats with her, I feel a lot less desperate and alone in my struggle.

Towards the end of Aunt Flo’s last visit, I made up my mind. Most women ovulate around a certain time in their cycle every month. I seem to ovulate at random times throughout my cycle. Ovulation test kits are expensive and just a hassle after a while. So, in an attempt to outsmart my body, and take control, I decided that we were going to try, everyday, until Aunt Flo comes back for her next visit. I am tired of trying to time it right, and waiting for that 3-4 day window of opportunity.

We made the decision together, I’m sure you can imagine hubby’s excitement, on August 10th. Since then, I have been in the most ridiculously high spirits, and just happy happy happy. Even my job hasn’t been getting under my skin like it was just days before we started this. Crazy how quickly and easily your outlook can change.

I’ve read the articles that say you should have sex every other day, around the time you may be ovulating. That window of opportunity is so small, especially when you don’t ovulate regularly. This, having sex everyday thing, is pretty exciting. Both of us seem a lot happier.

We’ve got about 10 more days until Aunt Flo is supposed to visit again. If she shows up, then we’ll keep trying next month. This is a pretty exciting time in our lives.


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