ET Update

It’s been a really long month to say the least. Breakthrough tremor started in late September, I increased my meds by one and a half times my regular dosage, but it hasn’t really helped. I tried getting in to see my neurologist right away, but he has so many patients and is always on call with the hospital, that I’ve had to wait. My regular 6 month appointment is on Thursday. I don’t think I have ever been more eager to see him!

We did just get home from vacation. I had less tremor in that 5 day stretch than I have in the last 5 weeks! I felt practically normal by the time we came home, but as soon as I got to work on Monday, it was just as bad as ever.

Fingers crossed for a referral to an ET specialist in the city! I can’t keep living and trying to work full time like this. Something’s got to change soon, and that’s not going to happen unless we nail down a cause. I’m tired of simply treating symptoms.

Also gonna check out this neurological chiropractor my mom found!

Stay tuned for another update after my appointment!


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