Post-neurologist update

After showing up 30 minutes early for my appointment, and waiting another hour and a half to actually see the doctor, this is the deal.

I am going to start a new medication. First I have to gradually reduce the beta blocker (Inderal) I am currently taking, and then I will start with the lowest dose of an anti-seizure medication called Mysoline. I will slowly continue to reduce the amount of Inderal, while increasing the Mysoline, until we find a happy medium.

I asked him about the possibility of a referral to a specialist at a research hospital like Stanford or UCSF.

“First I want to cover all the basics, and try all the simple things. If, after those things don’t work, then I will gladly refer you. I’m also not one to stand on ego, so if you tell me flat out that you want to go there, then that’s what we’ll do. Both Stanford and UCSF are great options, but I don’t want to send you there until we’re sure none of these simple treatments will work.”

That made me feel a lot better about what we’ve been doing over the last year and a half.

I explained to him my frustration after calling almost 7 weeks ago (multiple times) to try to get an earlier appointment. He apologized, and said that next time, I should call every two days or so and ask to speak with him directly. He gave me his word that he would get back to me, and squeeze me into his schedule if need be.

So no real answers as far as “a cause” to my ET is concerned, but he did actually listen to all of my notes, questions and concerns this time.

I love having my hubby there with me! He helps keep me from getting too overwhelmed, even though he gets pretty cranky while waiting.

Hopefully my body will adjust easily with the change in meds. If not, work might get interesting over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more adventures with ET! And thank you all for all your love and prayers.


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