A time for family


Christmas is my ultimate favorite time of year! The holiday season fills me with warm fuzzies and makes me yearn for more quality family time. Of course, it helps that everything is covered in lights and dripping with sparkly tinsel.

Having been adopted, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the importance of family. I’m am in no way implying that biologically bonded “normal” families don’t understand it. I just mean that it’s different for those of us who have been blessed with families that chose to love us and take us in, when those whom we share genes with, didn’t have the means, or the courage to do so.

My family means the world to me, and so does my husband’s family. And I’ve recently been given the opportunity to get to know some of my biological family. Social networking is a pretty spectacular thing!

I just had a really nice chat with my biological father’s new wife. Having been adopted at such a young age, I had basically made up my mind about what my “biologicals” must be like. Turns out I may have been wrong. It would appear that the ideas I had, about who they were or are, were simply the thoughts of a jaded young lady, who had been hurt, and didn’t know how to let go. Forgiveness is so hard to give, yet it can be so healing when you finally let go. I thought I had forgiven them a long time ago, but there was definitely some bitterness that I was still keeping locked up inside.

With the holidays here, and all the recent contact I have had with my half-sister and her new step-mother, I’ve been kind of flooded with emotions and racing thoughts. The hubby and I have been talking and praying about the idea of meeting these people. It’s still a little bit scary to think about, but it’s beginning to feel more and more like a good idea. Something to look forward to in the new year.


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