My cup runneth over

I hope this post finds you all full of love, laughter and Christmas cheer! My wonderful husband and I had quite an enjoyable holiday, with both of our families this year.

Our Christmas was filled with:

  • a glorious riverside sunset
  • quality time with immediate and extended family
  • bountiful treats to devour
  • laughter and stories of years past
  • overwhelmingly generous and thoughtful gifts
  • family traditions on both sides
  • traditions of our own
  • Although gifts are special, we know they aren’t the reason we celebrate. Every gift has some special significance, and will always serve as a reminder of the person who gave it to you.

    This year, the most meaningful gift we received, came as a great surprise.


    On November 18th, my husband’s sweet grandma, left this world to go be with Jesus. We haven’t done a whole lot of grieving, as it was sort of an expected passing. Most of the family got to say good-bye to her before things got bad. After she made the decision to end dialysis treatments, we all knew it was just a matter of time.
    Early this morning we had a moment that made us giggle and we knew, Grandma was here, celebrating with us. When it came time for presents, there was a box under the tree for us, from Grandma. In it was the very last baby blanket she ever crocheted. We don’t have any children yet, nor are we expecting, but she knew how much it would mean to us. One day, we will have both the first (the one she made when my hubby was born) and the last baby blankets made with love from Grandma.

    We all sat there and cried, and hugged each other for a few minutes. I can honestly say, that was the most meaningful
    and heartfelt gift, I have ever received.
    I am thankful for each and every gift I received this year, but this one takes the cake, and I will remember it forever.

    So, Grandma,
    Know that we love you, and of course we miss you. You touched a great number of hearts and lives while you were here with us, but now you’re in a much more wonderful place. I’m sure you have the perfect mani/pedi and your hair is stunning, as usual. You’ve finally hit the biggest jackpot of all, Grandma! You used to say it all the time, but now, because of you, my cup runneth over. Merry Christmas!


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