Two of a kind


While spending some quality time with my brother over Christmas, he asked how we (husband and I) were doing.

My response? “Great! We’re the coolest people we know!”

Of course this warranted the crazy eyes and brother scoffing. I realized it sounded pretty conceited, so I attempted to explain. I kinda like the way it came out…

We have so much fun, doing absolutely nothing, together.

We can sit at home, watching stupid television, and still make each other laugh. We can sit there for hours, “pokin phone” as we call it, and still have meaningful conversation.

We don’t need to go out and do extravagant things to have an amazing time together. Granted, we fully enjoy the few opportunities we get, to go on epic adventures. But we don’t need those adventures to keep the happy in our relationship.

Sometimes I feel like we’re boring, but I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything. I absolutely love my husband, and the life we have made together!


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