Damsel Inspiration – April 2014


In honor of Damsel YOUniversity starting this week, I’ve decided to make this month’s inspiration about dreams and goals.

For our week one challenge, we’re supposed to be making a “vision board” to help solidify our “why.” I am excited to finally make one! I’ve been making mental notes since I signed up in October, but haven’t made myself sit down and actually put it all together. It will definitely serve as a daily reminder as to why I got into this business, and give me that extra kick that I’ve been needing lately.

I am definitely in this business to make some money and change my life! Obviously money isn’t the only reason, but it certainly plays a major role.

I absolutely love everything about Damsel in Defense!!


If you’re reading this, and you don’t know what Damsel is about, please visit my website or find me on Facebook. I am currently looking to expand my team, so please, get ahold of me today!!!


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