Another day, another dollar… And a transfer?

August 29, 2003 – I got hired at my first real job!! It was going to pay my bills, and help me get through college. I was a functioning member of society and a responsible adult.

August 2005 – I was moving away to the coast for my last two years of college, and taking my job with me. I transferred to a new store, got a new job title. Things were working out great!

May 2007 – I graduated from college, and transferred back home for the summer. I was getting married in a few months and needed to keep working. We got married in July, and moved back to the coast!

April 2008 – I transferred again, took a new position, and was finally a full time employee. I had a set schedule! Life was good!

February 2009 – The company I worked for got bought out by an even larger corporation. We were lucky to be able to keep our jobs, and our years of service. The job title I held with my original employer no longer existed, but the new company gave me a new one. I was now a Shift Supervisor. Sweet!

June 2009 – My husband graduated from college, and we decided to move back home. Again, I transferred back to my home store. It was nice to reconnect with old coworkers. But there was a huge drawback to this transfer. I had a 50 mile round trip commute. It got old in a hurry, but there was nothing I could do about it. We needed the money, and I was comfortable with my coworkers and my position.

January 2011 – A shift supervisor position became available at a store only 20 miles round trip from my house. I jumped at the opportunity!

I remember telling my DM that I was never going to transfer again. I was happy at this store, and if I ever left, it would be because I had gotten a new job.

August 20, 2014 – I got called up to the manager’s office, and he told me that I was being transferred back to my home store. What!!??

I had no say in the matter, and neither did he. Apparently the DM decided that somebody needed to be sent down there, and since I had worked there before, I was the chosen one.

August 29, 2014 – Today is my 11 year anniversary with the company. I have 6 working days left at my current store. I start work at my new/old store on September 7th.

I’m looking forward to working with my old friends, but I am certainly not looking forward to the added commute and all the miles it will put on my new car. I will miss the friends that I have made at my current store.

I’m trying to look at this change from a positive perspective, but it’s hard, especially today. I never expected to be in this job, for this long, and then have it all change, without my consent.

At least I have a job, and it’s a good job. Thankfully I have my Damsel in Defense income to help supplement the negative changes with my day job.


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